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Autonomus Route Planning

By communicating ERP software, automize routes by your companies constraints

Route Tracking

Rotamat helps companies to save cost on their supply chain operations.

Personalized Reporting

Tailor made reporting for your business

Route Audit

Find bottlenecks on youyr operations to boost efficiency

What We Do


Rotamat provides data acquisition throughout the supply chain that answers in which sequence consisting of vehicle, driver, and route of the shipment order the product will be distributed. The data-driven decision makes the outcome dependent on facts and metrics for best strategic planning by utilizing hidden factors in the data itself.

Experience tailor-made efficiency for your operations with our route optimization – customizing the ideal sequence for vehicle visits while accommodating specific constraints, enhancing order fulfillment, and reducing travel time.

As the phrase so takes an X-ray of your on-ground operations to track what is going on really with Rotamat GPS. Collected data will shape as your determination and turns into personalized report.

Use real world data to simulate your operations. Spatial data collected from Rotamat gps turns digital replicate of your operations

Unlock powerful insights with our GPS-driven analytics, carefully calculating the cost to serve each point of sale. Precision in analyzing the marginal cost of deliveries empowers you to budget with minimal error rates and make strategic decisions based on actionable data.


Precision in Cost to Serve Analytics


Minimize your carbon footprint with Rotamat

Enroll through your Rotamat dashboard, where we’ll compute your carbon footprint by analyzing your mileage. Our calculations utilize standard EPA GHG coefficients specific to your vehicle type. 


Carbon neutral future


Less Carbon Footprint

Reduce carbon emission by making dynamic routes.

Less Fossil Fuel

Reduce fossil fuel usage with less consumption.

Track Co2 Emission

By keeping track of your fleet, know your Co2 emission.

Carbon Offset

Find the best Carbon Offset projects and make contribution. Become carbon neutral.

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Case Study

How a Philip Morris Distributor Reduced Delivery Costs %22 With Rotamat

Learn how Rotamat Help Philip Morris Distributor Optimize Their Routes and Improve Last Mile Deliveries 



Rotamat's Route Optimization Solution for Tobacco Distributors

How to optimize delivery routes specifically for tobacco distributors


How Last Mile Digital Twin Works?

Rotamat offering not just optimization but also strategic planning and data-backed decision-making capabilities beyond typical route optimization solutions.

“Rotamat has made managing our delivery routes a breeze. It used to be a real challenge, but with Rotamat’s precise planning, things run smoothly now. We’ve also saved 25% on fuel costs, and our shift to digital operations has made everything even more efficient. Highly recommend Rotamat for anyone looking to step up their game.”

Furkan Solak


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Why Rotamat

Automation is the King

Rotamat scans the operational field like X-ray machine and exemines like a doctor to see where the unseen problems are.

Most of the problems occurs because of untracable processes through supply chain, rotamat here to solve this problem.

It's faster

The newly created dynamic routes give fast and near-optimal results with a special algorithm. Quick response in instant routing changes.

It's easier

Improved user interface and experience provides simple usability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced mathematical algorithms analyze thousands of potential routes, selecting the one that minimizes travel distance. It takes into account various factors such as traffic congestion, delivery time windows, priority customers, and any custom requirements specific to your operations. The result is up to 20% savings on fuel costs and a 50% reduction in planning time, thereby optimizing your logistics workflow both economically and efficiently.

Our GPS tracking system provides real-time data on each vehicle’s location, speed, and route efficiency, enabling you to identify and address idle times and inefficiencies. By analyzing this data, the system can enhance route planning, leading to a 30% increase in routing efficiency. This level of oversight allows for more proactive management, reducing idle times by up to 25% and significantly improving the overall productivity of your fleet operations.

The logistics simulation tool offers a virtual environment where you can experiment with different logistics strategies without any real-world risk. It simulates various scenarios, including supply chain disruptions, demand fluctuations, and changes in transportation costs, to identify the most cost-effective strategies. This hands-on approach to strategic planning can lead to a 15% reduction in operational costs by enabling you to make informed decisions based on simulated outcomes, thereby enhancing the resilience and efficiency of your supply chain.