Rotamat’s Route Optimization Solution for Tobacco Distributors

Rotamat's Route Optimization Solution For Tobacco Distributors

Tobacco distribution comes with its own set of challenges, particularly when it comes to managing how often customers need visits. Weekly, these visits can range from once to three times, and this frequency changes on a monthly basis. This inconsistency makes it difficult to maintain optimal routes, resulting in uneven workloads and distribution across territories. Finding a solution to streamline this process is crucial for distributors looking to operate efficiently in this dynamic environment.
Rotamat offers a straightforward solution to tackle these challenges in three simple steps. First, we optimize routes to make them more efficient. Then, using our GPS technology, we track these routes in real-time. Finally, we analyze the collected data to create a simulation interface, providing a digital twin of real-world operations. This comprehensive approach ensures smoother operations and better distribution for tobacco distributors facing fluctuating visit frequencies.
1. Route Optimization with Smart GPS Device and Real-Time Monitoring: Rotamat employs a Smart GPS Device and advanced Smart Geofencing technology for live fleet monitoring, ensuring adherence to optimized routes and immediate oversight of operations. Our data-driven approach continuously collects operational data to enhance our optimization algorithm.
2. Simulation for Operational Insight: Our software features a simulation tool that generates a digital twin of your operations. Highly customizable, it tailors simulations to meet specific needs, providing insights into critical metrics like total kilometers, reduced kilometers, and vehicle utilization. Integrating real data from GPS devices, simulations accurately reflect actual vehicle, driver, and customer behavior.
3. Comprehensive Optimization and Strategic Planning: Through the integration of the Smart GPS Device, simulation capabilities, and real-time data, Rotamat’s software offers unparalleled operational insight and optimization. Users benefit from predictive capabilities, facilitating precise operational decision-making. These features distinguish our software, offering not only route optimization but also strategic planning and data-backed decision-making capabilities, enhancing operational efficiency.

Pain Points

Your business finds answers to the following questions when using our service:
– What should my new territory design look like if I reduce one vehicle?
– How many visits can I reduce the frequency to reduce the number of vehicles?
– Can I reduce vehicles?
– How should I plan my route if I don’t work on Saturday?
– Will my route plan be affected if I stay 20 minutes at each point?
– What will it cost me if I stay 3 minutes at each point?
– How should I plan my route if I want to return at 14:00 every day?
– At what efficiency am I using my resources?
– How will my efficiency change if I add vehicles?
– Where can I add the right vehicle?
You can find answers to these questions by combining route optimization with vehicle tracking GPS data from our web interface.
– On which day and in which order will I travel the minimum distance to a new location?
– Which vehicle fits the route plan the most and which fits the route plan the least?
– Which territory has the shortest visit duration and which has the longest?
– How much does it cost me to deliver products to Ahmet Tekel?
– At which location is my X territory vehicle and what percentage of its route is finished?
– Did my X vehicle go out of its area of responsibility?
– How many minutes is my actual average location visit time?
– What is my average visit time to X Supermarket for the last 3 months?
– I set weekly targets for my vehicles, how can I get this automatically as a logistics report?
Rotamat’s simulation tool is a must-have for tobacco distributors. It helps optimize routes every day, making deliveries as efficient as possible.
It also handles scheduling complexities by switching customers between days, ensuring the best routes overall.
This includes moving customers between territories too, maximizing efficiency across the operation. For instance, if a customer with a twice-weekly visit frequency is initially visited on Monday and Thursday, totaling 100 km per week, Rotamat may suggest moving their visits to Tuesday and Friday, reducing the total distance to 95 km and saving 5 km overall. Additionally, Rotamat may recommend moving a customer from Territory A to Territory B and swapping their visiting days, resulting in a total weekly distance of 190 km for both territories combined, down from 200 km initially. With Rotamat, distributors can simplify their operations, cut costs, and get more done in the fast-paced world of tobacco distribution.

Environmental Sustainability with Rotamat:

Rotamat is committed to environmental responsibility. By tracking vehicle movements and calculating carbon footprints, we minimize environmental impact. Our software determines optimal routes for lower emissions and offers solutions to offset carbon footprint. Through these efforts, we contribute to a greener approach to tobacco distribution, supporting environmental conservation.
Ready to streamline your tobacco distribution operations and maximize efficiency? Try Rotamat today and experience the difference firsthand. Simplify your routes, cut costs, and boost productivity with our innovative solutions. Get started now and take your distribution to the next level.

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